Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs about Children

At Go Kindy we believe that each child:

  • is an individual, with their own particular needs, potential and endless curiosity about the environment they live;
  • should always be valued and treated with respect, kindness, and understanding;
  • is a life long learner and should be nurtured and supported to reach their full potential;
  • is enriched by positive interactions, a creative and dynamic program of care and learning which includes a variety of experiences which have a link with children’s interests;
  • learn best when his/her interests and choices are respected with in the environment.

Our Beliefs about Parents

At Go Kindy we believe that parents:

  • know their child best;
  • involvement in all aspects of our curriculum, and the associated policies and procedures, must be valued and encouraged;
  • involvement in the curriculum through the Family Input Sheet enables us to create an essential link between home and the centre;
  • must be confident that we are prepared to work with them to support their parenting style and value system;
  • must be confident that their child is safe, happy and challenged;
  • have a right to information about how their child spent his or her day and about their child’s development;
  • should be kept informed about the centre operations and any changes that may impact on the program; and should always have opportunities to discuss any concerns about their child’s development or the care offered at Go Kindy.

Our Beliefs about Development & Learning

At Go Kindy we believe that:

  • the first five years of a child’s life are the most rapid periods of growth and learning;
  • care and learning environments during these years have a permanent influence on each child;
  • children learn and develop to their full potential in a safe, secure and nurturing environment;
  • child-initiated and teacher facilitated play is an essential component of quality programs of care and learning;
  • we highly value the importance of play, believing it is an essential component for learning, development and well being;
  • the centre believes in the importance of play through free choice as an aid for development;
  • learning is an interactive process and children learn through active interaction with adults, other children and exploration of materials in their environment; and
  • curriculum should:
  • reflect contemporary child development and learning theories,
  • incorporate experiences to support each child’s individual interests, strengths, needs and family contributions; be systematically evaluated and reviewed.

Our Beliefs about Evaluation, Reflection & Review

At Go Kindy we believe we should evaluate and review our performance against:

  • parent feedback (via questionnaires, formal / informal discussions, direct feedback)
  • quality practice guidelines produced by the National Quality Frameworks;
  • principles and regulations of the Education and Services Care National Regulations 2012;
  • national guidelines on health, safety, nutrition and child protection; our record of attracting and retaining staff and providing continuity of care to children and their families.
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