Go Discovery

Children engage in open ended exploration with increasing independence, acknowledging their expanding abilities and communicate their understandings of the world with confidence and creativity.

Go Discovery:

  • Encourages active engagement
  • Promotes motivation
  • Develops creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Promotes autonomy, responsibility and independence

Go Discovery is the concept of allowing children to learn about the world and how it works through exploration. It is well established that, children learn best by doing, so this type of learning is a natural fit for their development. It encourages motivation, active involvement and creativity whist promoting autonomy and independence.

The Go Discovery learning approach allows children to revisit and build on their own interests each week offering both prescriptive and free-play activities. Some children appreciate the chance to entirely direct their own learning, while others enjoy following more structured learning opportunities.

Go Discovery provides an opportunity for children to learn, explore and develop through practical hands on experiences including carpentry, box and block construction, painting, water play, sand play, cooking, imaginative play, physical play, manipulative and loose parts play, science experiments, nature play, craft activities and more.

Enriching Your Child’s Future!

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