Go Kindy Philosophy

The Go Kindy philosophy is very simple, we aim to:
Enrich Your Child’s Future

Go Kindy highly value children and believe the formative years of childhood should be a period in each child’s life where they are encouraged to investigate and explore their surroundings through a stimulating and enjoyable environment.

Each child should experience success, be empowered in confidence and become a learner through engaging in as many experiences as possible. The Go Kindy Team have created learning programs to complement your child’s growth and ensure they will have every opportunity to reach their full potential. All children are unique and special and at Go Kindy we deem children learn best from engaging.

Our Team endeavour to provide a balance of directed activities along with interest based initiatives to allow each child the variety and scope in their daily program. Go Kindy programs are designed with the primary philosophy that not all children’s needs are catered for in one educational program. The Go Kindy EYLF Lifeskills program adjusts to meet the needs of all children. This approach embodies these values as it responds to, expands and develops the ideas and interests of the children, capitalising on the windows of opportunity created by the child’s natural curiosity.

Go Kindy believes working closely with families will assist in forming a close relationship between the home environment and centre life. By striving to draw these as close as possible it will produce an association that enhances your child’s quality of care.

By continually listening to and observing each child closely and expanding relationships with families our team will endeavour to inspire, promote and enable these natural qualities within each child to thrive

Enriching Your Child’s Future!

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