EYLF Lifeskills Curriculum

Go Kindy will promote the growth of wisdom and knowledge through our Go Kindy Life Skills Curriculum. Go Life Skills honours the essential qualities of empathy, respect, perseverance, resilience and a passion for learning. It also promotes and reflects the learning outcomes defined in Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

The Go Life Skills Curriculum:

  • Promotes and supports respectful and life-enhancing relationships
  • Acknowledges each child as a unique, capable and resourceful learner
  • Celebrating diversity and recognising inclusion as a right for all children

Go Life Skills is a unique curriculum because it identifies each child as an individual with their own interests, needs, abilities and skills.

Go Life Skills offers an individual framework for each child whist enrolled in a Go Kindy Service, incorporating the following methods:

  • Learning stories and observations linked to individual goals and learning outcomes.
  • Individual learning journeys
  • Developmental summative assessment
  • Parent Communication
  • Parent focused feedback
  • Individual and group learning programs

Enriching Your Child’s Future!

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