Go Literacy

Go Literacy is a program specifically designed to develop a strong foundation for literacy skills, teaching children about expression, vocabulary, sound, reading, writing and speaking. Research indicates that a child's language is highly influenced by the language they are exposed too. Go Literacy aims to immerse children in an environment full of books and academic opportunities to allow them to become successful learners, effective contributors and confident individuals.

Go Literacy aims to develop:

  • Interactive Language: Using language to explore, negotiate, and express ideas, opinions, and feelings.
  • Story-Making Skills:Creating narratives to help structure and explain daily activities.
  • Active Listening to Read Aloud:Listening and responding to books read aloud.
  • Text Awareness:When engaging in independent reading, pointing to the words and pretending to read them.
  • Book Handling:Holding books correctly and treating them with respect.
  • Listening Comprehension: Finishing sentences in a predictable book.
  • Hand Writing Skills: Developing correct hand grips

Go Kindy Believes literacy and language recognition and development play a vital role in a child’s journey to reading and writing. Go Literacy allows children to explore language, numbers and print through a range of multi-sensory experiences that are highly interactive and educational.

Enriching Your Child’s Future!

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