Go Me

Go Me supports the Early Years Learning Framework’s (EYLF) view of children’s lives as characterized in Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Belonging:  The bases for living a fullfed life, everybody needs to have a sense of where and whom they belong.  At Go Kindy Early Education Centres we strive to develop positive relationships with children, families and educators to develop a strong sense of belonging within our services.

Being: Is about the here and now. Childhood is a precious time where children need environments and opportunities to just ‘BE’. A time to explore, investigate, discover and create. At Go Kindy Early Education Centres we constantly strive to empower children through their play to develop a strong sense of being within our services.

Becoming: Is about the learning and development that young children experience and how our educators work in partnership with families to enhance and guide children to their full potential. At Go Kindy Early Education Centres, we strive to support and guide children’s learning and development through collaborative partnerships focused on quality outcomes for all children, enabling a strong sense of becoming within our services.

Early Education in Australia has transformed over the years to become a fundamental, all-encompassing fusion of learning, playing, communities and families. Not only does childcare provide nurturing care and freedom of choice to families but also guides children through a significant time of their development and education that prepares them for the years that follow.

Enriching Your Child’s Future!

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