Go Music & Movement

Children naturally love music! Therefore Go Kindy Early Education Centres offer the Go Music and Movement program as a core element of our curriculum.

Go Kindy acknowledges music and movement as a vehicle in which children can actively engage with their peers, educators and the environment. This engagement is an essential ingredient of a quality early childhood curriculum.

Our authentic and responsive Go Music and Movement program is one that recognises and promotes naturally occurring and spontaneous opportunities throughout the day. These may be inside, outside, with individual, small groups and larger groups of children.


Go Music and Movement supports the basic educational principles contained in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Go Music and Movement fosters:

  • Shared singing experiences supporting the development of secure and trusting relationships
  • Exposure to sounds and patterns in stories and rhythms enhancing receptive and expensive communications skills
  • Participation in music and storytelling experiences, encouraging children to use their imagination and assist with the understanding of concepts such as rhythm, rhyme, repetition, beat, tempo and pitch.
  • Exposure to various songs and dances from cultures around the world promoting diversity and equity.

Music and movement ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness including:

  • Small and large motor skills
  • Expression of emotions
  • Balance and coordination
  • Language and literacy skills
  • Social engagement
  • Creativeness

Enriching Your Child’s Future!

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