School Readiness

Go School Link the readiness program has been designed in consultation with local schools, kindergartens and in conjunction with our families to promote life-long leaners. This program also provides opportunities for children to develop to their full potential whilst having fun at the same time!

Go Kindy believes, School Readiness doesn’t just start in the Preschool Room, it commences from the moment your child beings their Go Kindy journey, regardless of their age.

School readiness is not all about academics. Go Kindy recognises that children learn best through play-based learning experiences, focussed on the development of social and emotional wellbeing, which is needed to be an active and positive learner.

Every Childs program is designed to allow Go Kindy Educators to guide and lead children through to the next step in their individual learning and development to maximise the development of confidence and independence skills that your child will need prior to starting school, helping to build a solid foundation for later learning.

Go School Link is focused around the learning outcomes defined in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  Go Kindy educators regularly communicate with families about each child’s progress and school readiness.  Educators provide information and support to families to assist them in making and informed decision about their child’s school transition. Go Kindy works in partnership with families and with local schools in our communities to ensure each child has the best possible start to their schooling journey.

Self-regulation and social-emotional readiness, physical health and motor readiness, language and communication readiness, cognitive readiness and approaches to learning are the main themes that unpin Go School Link.

Go School Link provides children with opportunities to develop skills to:

  • Learn to write their own name
  • Identify shapes/ colours
  • Develop concentration span
  • Counting Skills
  • Learn the Alphabet
  • Pre – writing / reading skills
  • Observing rules
  • Responsibly for own belongings
  • Taking pride in achievements
  • Placing shoes on and tying laces
  • Communication skills (expressive and receptive)
  • Exploring Maths and Science concepts
  • Exploring Literacy and Languages concepts

Enriching Your Child’s Future!

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