Go Kindy provides an orientation for new children and families to familiarise
them with the daily routine. The Centre Manager will arrange for new children
to attend the service for short periods together with parents/guardians.

The orientation is tailored to suit the needs of each child and their family. Typically, an orientation period would consist of serval visits.

  • The first visit involves the parent and the child and is an opportunity for the child to get to know their new environment and for parents to connect with carers about the child’s specific needs;
  • During the second visit the child will stay longer. The parent may leave the room. On the parent’s return the Lead Educator will provide feedback on how the child behaved and the next stage of the orientation process;
  • If a child is settling well, families will complete enrolment and the child may commence care either as a half-day visit including a meal and a sleep or if coping extend the day;

The children may participate in service activities if they so desire. A number of young children just prefer to watch rather than do. Parents will be encouraged to stay as long as they feel necessary in order to reassure their child. The daily timetable and program will be discussed with both parents and child so that the child knows what to expect.

Parents will be given a guided tour of the service and full explanation of all routines of the service. If the child is unsettled or distressed the parent may spend more time at the service with the child over the following days so that the child is reassured that they are in a safe and caring environment.

Orientation for children and their families is a very individual situation, and we take it as quickly or as slowly as is needed for parents and children to feel comfortable. The menus are devised in accordance with the National Health Guidelines

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