shutterstock_113044132EYLF Lifeskills Curriculum

This early stage of a child’s life is the most rapid period of growth and learning.

Environmental influences and learning opportunities during these years have a permanent effect on the child.

Our Professional Educators will:

  • be familiar with the broad developmental stages of the children in their care.
  • have knowledge about each child’s individual personality, learning style and family ground.

Lead Educators are required to take responsibility for:

  • organising daily routines; preparing, implementing and evaluating the weekly program;
  • maintaining anecdotal and formal observation and development records on each child; and ensuring that parents have frequent opportunities to discover about their child’s progress / development.

The programs are developed in consultation with parents and all educators in their room and are:

  • consistent with Go Kindy goals and philosophy.
  • address the needs of individual children in the group;
  • are based on observational and developmental information about each child;
  • address developmental areas and ensure appropriate balance between each of the developmental areas;
  • provide a balance between child directed and teacher initiated activities;
  • provide a balance between individual, small group and large group experiences;
  • address both indoor and outdoor learning environments; and address specific room issues, such as eating regimes and staffing.

Programs are evaluated on a weekly basis. Evaluation is an essential tool in measuring the effectiveness of the weekly program and guiding future planning. Parents are always invited to contribute to planning and evaluation processes and are provided with numerous opportunities to have input.

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